Thursday, January 1, 2009


It's 2009, Happy New Year!!!

Are there things about yourself/your life that you would like to change this year? I would like to become a better wife and parent this year. Not that I am a bad wife or parent, but there is always room for improvement right? I also want to look more to the positive things in life, I tend to pay more attention to the negative. I think focusing on the positive will help me be a more happy/positive person.

As I mother I hope to keep my patients. Especially since Alec is entering the 'terrible twos' stage, I think I will need all the patients I can get! I also hope not to get pregnant this year!! HAHA!! I seem to be a pretty fertile girl, or else the Huz has super sperm. But I would really like to hold off from having another for at least 2-3 years. But I did get an IUD so that thing better be working!

I also want to take a little more time for myself. Whether that means doing the grocery shopping alone for some time to myself. Or even reading a good book with out being disturbed. I also want to take the time this year to treat myself once and a while to a mani/pedi, I think I deserve it! I also want to make sure I take the time to cook healthy and get the exercise I need. I really want to lose the rest of this baby weight!!

I hope all the other mothers take better care of themselves in 2009!


monica said...

i remember what a treat it was to grocery shop alone when mine were little. it was a little piece of heaven. and if I could manage to sneak in a swing through Starbucks to make my grocery shopping go a littler smoother - even better!!

hope you have a great new year! your boys are beautiful.

Jennifer said...

Ahhh, the grocery shop! I quite enjoy taking my little boy food shopping...he loves to "help" by carrying stuff to the trolley for me. Give it a couple of weeks and I'm sure he'll be throwing tantrums and trying to grab things from the shelves left right and centre. Will be leaving him at home when that starts, I can tell you!I hope you keep to it chick - especially the beauty treat every month Here's to the Year of the Mom!

shopannies said...

Grocery shopping alone even though mine are teens is a great treat now as well